Networked Improvement Communities

Data-driven inquiry cycles for measurable, scalable results.

The Compact works with partner organizations to support two Networked Improvement Communities, each composed of a group of schools focusing on a shared problem of practice. Educators run continuous improvement cycles to drive change and share lessons learned to support high-need students.

Students with Disabilities

In 2018, the Compact convened principals from schools in Roxbury to think together about improving outcomes for our students with disabilities. Each school leader opened their classrooms for observation and participated in a consultancy. The Roxbury Special Education Network has now expanded to include teachers from each participating school. The Compact partnered with the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy to help facilitate workshops on improvement science, identifying root causes of pressing challenges for educators, and developing change ideas to help address them. In 2020, the Network is focusing on  Universal Design for Learning with the help of leading experts at CAST to test change ideas in the classroom.

Youth who are Off Track to Graduate

In 2019, the Compact helped launch the Boston Eskolta Network, a collaboration of Boston high schools engaging in the shared challenge of transforming learning for students who have struggled and fallen behind. The Compact serves as local partner to Eskolta School Research & Design, who is facilitating the network. Eskolta, a nonprofit based in NYC, has deep expertise in supporting learning for urban schools by transforming research into practical strategies for the classroom. The Boston network represents a wide range of high schools across the sectors, and is accepting applications for next year's cohort of schools.