What is the Compact?

The Boston Compact provides a venue for district, charter and Catholic schools to engage with one another around the shared aims of equitable access to high performing schools and excellent instruction for all students.

Students callaborating at schoolThe Boston Compact is a document that recognizes the commitment of district, charter and Catholic schools to work together. This commitment acknowledges that the schools have very different governing structures but serve very similar students.

In September 2011, the City of Boston, Boston Public Schools and the Boston Alliance of Charter Schools signed the Boston Compact. In April of 2012, the Catholic schools in Boston followed suit and the Compact grew to cover about 93% of school-age children in the City.

Pie chart shows schools covered by the Boston CompactThe Compact is made real by the teachers and administrators who meet regularly to plan, implement and evaluate joint efforts. A Steering Committee sets broad direction and several subcommittees lead specific initiatives. Read more about our current initiatives to learn what the Boston Compact is doing now.