Executive Committee

This committee is composed of four leaders, one each from the district, charter, and Catholic school sectors as well as a mayoral designee. The Executive Committee is charged with addressing timely Compact matters and outwardly representing the Compact.  

Teaching and Learning Committee

Made up of teachers and school leaders from district, charter, and Catholic schools, this committee advises the Compact on content-specific initiatives such as our Network Improvement Communities targeting students with disabilities and English Learners.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee brings school and sector leaders into conversation with representatives from the Boston Public Schools Transportation Team.  Together, they address timely issues with school transportation for Boston students and explore avenues for redirecting transportation costs toward education. 

School Climate Survey Committee

In partnership with the Collaborative Parent Leadership Action Network (CPLAN), the Boston Compact began work on a parent school climate survey in early 2017 aimed at providing Boston families with information on schools beyond test scores. Innovative because of its cross-sector nature and grassroots approach, the pilot version of the school climate survey was administered in Spring 2018.