School Partnerships

d5f3ef93-f249-4b40-bb85-87f3df542c4fAbout School Partnerships 

School Partnerships are “mini-compacts” in which two or three schools from different sectors work together. We know of nine schools (six through the Compact) currently working together to improve student outcomes of English language learners, Black and Latino students and students with disabilities. In some partnerships, groups of teachers engage in cycles of inquiry in each of their classrooms, coming together to reflect upon findings. In others, teachers host joint professional development for multiple schools or observe and coach one another in areas of expertise.

Aims of School Partnerships

  • Build relationships between teachers and administrators across school sectors
  • Identify, share and scale effective instructional practices for historically underserved subgroups
“Our learners struggle with the same things in every classroom. It is helpful to get the perspective of other teachers at the same grade level.”—Teacher, School Partnership Participant