Networked Improvement Communities

Data-driven inquiry cycles for measurable, scalable results.

The Compact is in the early stages of establishing two Networked Improvement Communities, each composed of a group of schools focusing on a shared problem of practice. Educators will run continuous improvement cycles to drive change and share lessons learned.

Students with Disabilities

The Roxbury Special Education Network comprises a group of schools in the Roxbury neighborhood that collaborate to strengthen supports for students with disabilities in their schools. This NIC is grounded in  improvement science principles and provides participating educators the opportunity to share best practices, lessons learned, and effective course corrections. We expect this network will improve outcomes for students with disabilities and their peers, and hope it will yield practices and partnerships that can be replicated in other school communities in Boston.

Youth Off Track to Graduate

This improvement community will work to strengthen outcomes for Boston students who are "off track" to graduate based on age and credit patterns. Our intent is to build educator ownership, leadership, and capacity to support these students—mostly students of color and students living in poverty—that systems has failed. Participants from schools in district, charter, and Catholic secondary schools will participate in workshops, test new practices, and convene several times a year to share their data. Based on these results, each school team will develop a plan to scale their pilot for their colleagues. Ultimately, we plan to document and disseminate findings across Boston schools.