Early Accomplishments

Not everything that can be counted counts.
Not everything that counts can be counted.

  – William Bruce Cameron

A teacher teaching studentsThe most powerful outcome to date of the Boston Compact has been changing the dynamic between district, charter and Catholic leaders. That said, we’ve also accomplished a great deal, including:

Making Enrollment Easier for Families

District and charter schools have shared common enrollment calendars for the last three years. Public showcases of schools have included representation from the Boston Public Schools and the Boston Alliance of Charter Schools. Families have benefited from this centralized information, and now have a new resource as well. In 2013, we launched BostonSchoolsHub.org, allowing families to search district, charter and Catholic schools by neighborhood and grade through one website.

Engaging Hundreds of Educators who Support Thousands of Students

While too early to see student outcomes, the Boston Compact initiatives now include roughly

Maximizing Investments in Instruction

For years, BPS has struggled with transportation budgets and charter schools have struggled to secure school buildings. Through the Compact, the Boston Public Schools leased three empty school buildings to charter schools. Also, the Archdiocese executed a temporary lease with a charter school urgently needing space and is evaluating facility requests on a case-by-case basis. At one of these schools, which had been a vacant building, crime rates surrounding the school dropped in half as a school reopened in the space. In terms of transportation, seven charter schools have adjusted their drop-off times, contributing to a $1.9M savings in BPS busing expenses.